What to renovate?

What to renovate?

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The time has come to begin planning the renovation you’ve been dreaming of for months. That main floor bathroom that you’re embarrassed to let your guests use will get the revamping it needs. Now is your chance to pull up those old carpets and get hardwood floor put in. Maybe you plan to knock that wall down and add in a walk-in closet to your ensuite, bringing your master bedroom to its fullest potential. In the renovation process, you need to determine the necessary changes versus the hopeful changes are. There is a difference between replacing the leaking toilet versus putting in a steam shower. Some changes are needed more immediately in comparison to others, and that is what the first stage is about. Justify these changes and prioritize them. This planning will help you stick to your budget and keep you realistic about your upcoming project.

Make a list

The first step to this stage is writing down everything you want to change. From the necessary changes, to your dream changes, to the aspects of your home you already love and want to keep. Your list will likely grow throughout this stage, but getting a baseline idea of what you think needs to be done will keep your plan realistic.

Why should these changes be made?

For each item on your list, describe how the change would affect your everyday life or why it needs to change. Maybe that extra bedroom isn’t needed, but more closet space for all your belongings is? Or your children are growing up and two bathrooms just isn’t enough? Justify why the change needs to be made and how it will improve the ease of your life.

Think about the season changes

Living in Alberta, think about how the renovations will impact your ease of life when the season changes. For example, taking a wall down to make your living room open and cool in the summer might make it difficult and expensive to keep it warm in the winter. These are things to consider when you look over your list in regards to season changes.

Keep in mind the future

Sometimes changes in your life occur and may require you to sell your home. Whether it happens in five years or 10 years, keep in mind the resale value of your house. Some renovations may be expensive but won’t add value. With this in mind, buyers will want to renovate the home to fit their vision instead. Unfortunately, this will result in a lower price being offered on your home. People have a personal preference and taste – what one may absolutely love, another might completely despise.

Everyone gets a say

Take time to consider what everyone in your household has to say. You may get so stuck on your own idea that you overlook aspects of your house that need improving. Although it may not be your dream, it may be necessary.

Take a while to draft up this list

Do not rush through this stage. You may be so excited to get these ideas into actions, but you will save a lot of time and money with a good plan. Take your time and ensure you have a solid plan set in place. This will avoid a number of potential problems and keep things moving along smoothly.

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