How to get your dream patio for cheap

How to get your dream patio for cheap

Everyone loves the sunny weather. Even if a warm breeze is present, spirits are lifted when the sun rises and remains in a clear blue sky. We are naturally drawn to be outside and enjoy those days of warmth, but when you have nowhere to sit or hang out, enjoying these moments becomes difficult. While having a patio isn’t the most necessary feature of a home, it is definitely a bonus. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. People tend to avoid enhancing their patio because there is a misconception that it would break the bank. A little Pinterest and Houzz browsing showed me otherwise. Patio life is possible!


Pallets with potential

Pallets are typically easy to come by. Go to department stores or on Kijiji and it is easy to find one. These wooden frames give you so much potential to create something unique out of your yard. Whether it be a deck or creating a lounging area with outdoor pillows. Find more ideas on Pinterest and you’ll be surprised with what you can do.


Have a deck? Refurbish it!

If you already have a deck but you feel it’s a bit drab, think of ways you can enhance it. Maybe it’s as simple as staining it or you can paint a checkered pattern on it. Either way, you’ll land up with a new deck and great outdoor space.


Add some colour and greenery

Sometimes all your patio needs is a little life. Go to your local grocery store and buy some potted flowers and strategically place them around your patio. It is such an easy fix that adds so much to the vibes of your outdoor area.


Inspire yourself

Do you even know how often people are trying to clear up storage space by giving away bricks and sand for free on Kijiji? There is so much you can do with those materials, so find out what is out there and throw that in your Pinterest search bar. If you see red bricks for free on Kijiji, go to Pinterest and search “red brick patio furniture”. Oh look, you can make a firepit.


Make your own hammock

You don’t have to go buy those expensive hammocks just so you can swing in your backyard. If you’re anything like me, I love crafting, especially when I know it’s going to become something I use! There are many ways to create your own, some more intricate and difficult than others, but all doable.


Go make your dream patio. You know it’s possible.

Respect your neighbours!

You may be lucky and have space between you and your neighbour’s house, but never forget that sound travels. It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating your small apartment or your mansion, whether it’s the whole house or just the guest bathroom, you want to ensure you’re respecting your neighbours. There are certain unspoken rules to being neighbourly during renovations. Too often do people forget about those around them, and neighbours can be too kind to say something.


Courtesy notes

Before you even begin to renovate, it’s a good idea to write a letter that lets your neighbours know about your upcoming renovation. This can prevent any noise complaints from your neighbors and avoid conflicts with them. How you address them in your letter depends on your relationship with them, whether it’s friendly or professional. Let them know how long you expect the project to take, your efforts to minimize disruption, garbage waste, etc. Include a note at the end indicating that you are open to speaking with them if they have any concerns and apologize for any inconvenience that may occur.



There are different considerations to make regarding timing and renovating throughout the day. If you want to begin on your project early in the morning, make sure you keep the loud jobs for later. You don’t want to be that neighbour hammering away at seven in the morning.  Generally, renovations make a lot of noise. Be considerate about starting too early or working too late as it may cause frustration from neighbours.



If you’re naturally inclined to be clean, this will not be a problem for you. Make sure the garbage you’re removing from your house is properly stored and taken away when needed. Everyone likes a tidy neighbourhood.  In addition, if there are little kids running around and playing, as a parent you wouldn’t want rubbish and construction materials left out for them to get a hold of.



Sometimes parking can become an issue, particularly when you have a lot of workers coming to your house. Making it impossible for your neighbours to park near their house is a situation that you’re better off avoiding. This can be avoided by setting up a decent curfew. Even telling them to leave their number on their windshield allows neighbors to call them if they are blocked in.


Watch the language

It’s not uncommon for men to joke around and use language that can be offensive to others and not something children should hear. Before it becomes a problem, let your workers know that children are around and it’s important that they are mindful of their language.