Introducing McKenzie Lake

Introducing McKenzie Lake

Starting a new project is always exciting for us. We believe to do well requires understanding and knowledge of the community we are working in. The first project we have for 2018 is in McKenzie Lake, a suburban neighborhood in southeast Calgary. Before we provide updates on our McKenzie Lake project, we wanted to provide some background information on the community.


McKenzie Lake was not always a community with a lake. In fact, the original community was called McKenzie in 1984. As Calgary grew in the 1990s, the city was inspired by the success of Lake Bonavista. As the neighboring community to McKenzie, Lake Bonavista had a lake at the heart of its community, making it attractive to live there. With this knowledge, Calgary built a lake for the community of McKenzie, changing its name to McKenzie Lake. Following this expansion, the neighborhood became much more charming.


McKenzie Lake has grown into an active area that values the ability to be connected. The McKenzie Lake Community Association (MLCA) encourages homeowners to become members and work together to keep the community at its greatest potential. The MLCA offers everything from before and after school care to yoga and basketball classes. A second organization, McKenzie Lake Residents Association (MLRA), also tries to improve the community by giving Pilates, Zumba and sport-ball programs. To keep the community connected, the MLRA hosts safe and fun events, such as the Father’s Day Fishing Derby and their Family Fun Day.


Most buildings in the McKenzie Lake community are single-family homes. The community aims to provide activities for its residents, so it’s no surprise that McKenzie Lake is the spot for raising a family. With its strong effort to build a sense of community, McKenzie Lake has also become a popular spot for immigrants to live. Priding itself on being a welcoming community, it makes it easy for new families to settle in. However, there isn’t a high turnover rate for houses in McKenzie Lake. Those that move there tends to stay there. It is a family community, one that brings connection and security to those that live there.


Selling a Home “As-Is” in Calgary

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Are you thinking about selling a home “As-Is” in Calgary?  What does it mean to sell a home “as-is”?

To repair or not to repair, that is the question for some home owners. Selling a home can be hard work especially if the home needs updating and repairs, such as replacing the cabinets in the outdated 70’s kitchen, repairing the roof, replacing the blue bathtub or changing the red shag rug. Not only can this be costly, it takes time that the owner may not have.

Selling “as is” simply means putting the property on the market in its current condition, with an understanding that no repairs will be made. The seller is not making guarantees as to the property’s condition. This doesn’t mean that all homes sold “as-is” are in need of repair – in those cases the seller may not know the condition of the property (for example, a bank owned property or home that was part of an inheritance).

There are many reasons sellers may choose to list their property “as-is”:
1. They inherited an old house that needs extensive upgrades.
2. Their own house needs repairs but they either don’t have the money  or don’t want the headaches that come from renovating a home.
3. They need the house on the market fast, to sell quickly because of foreclosure, debt or divorce.
4. The landlord wants to just get rid of that rental property that has been trashed by the previous tenants.
5. The owner is a very sweet elderly woman who has lived in the home for 25 years. With cats… She wants to sell and move into a senior apartment complex.

The seller is required to disclose known defects about the property, such as water damage, plumbing or roofing issues. The buyer may still want to do some due diligence by conducting a home inspection to see what shape the place is in.

HouseCharming, Inc. specializes in purchasing houses sold “as is”. We will buy your house “as is” quickly with no hassle. If you don’t want your house to sit on the market for ages, if you need cash and you want it fast, we’re the answer. We will offer you a fair price and we can close quickly. There are no banks involved as our funding comes from private sources, with no closing or real estate agent fees. The sale of your “as-is” home would be hassle-free, quick and legal.  Call us with any questions that you may have about how to sell your home “as-is”.