Spirit of giving

Spirit of giving

There seems to be an inner spirit that comes out of everyone when the Christmas season arrives. The reason for it is unknown, but many people start doing a little more for their community. It’s a wonderful time to give back because while it’s a happy season, it’s also a stressful one. We have no idea what another person is going through, but doing a little good could make their day so much better. This is why we wanted to dedicate a blog to the spirit of giving. It shouldn’t be something that occurs during one time of the year. Life’s stresses are a year-round occurrence. Whatever way you choose to give back to your community is appreciated by those who receive it. We also understand that it can be hard to know how you can give back. Either you don’t have the time to help at the drop-in centre or you don’t have the money to donate to a worthy cause. Don’t worry. We have created a list of tasks you can do, big or small, that will help make someone’s day a little bit brighter.


Small yet powerful

 These ideas are for those who don’t have a lot of time or money to give back. They are easy to do and although the acts are small, they will make a person’s day much brighter.

  1. Buy the order behind you in the drive through
  2. Hand out fresh coffee and donuts to construction workers
  3. Hand out a warm drink to students waiting for the bus
  4. Hold the door open
  5. Leave a decent tip for the server
  6. Stopping for cars in need
  7. Donate to the local food bank
  8. Buy locally
  9. Smile and be kind
  10. Help people carry their groceries


Big yet modest

The following ideas are for those who do have time available in their day to give back to the community. Time is something you can’t get back, so investing it into activities that are meant to help others is priceless.

  1. Donate blood
  2. Donate your old clothes
  3. Help at the drop-in centre
  4. Volunteer at the mustard seed (Organize clothing, help hand out food, etc.)
  5. Volunteer at the hospital (play with the kids, spend time with the elderly, help at the gift shop, etc.)
  6. Adopt a family in need and provide them a Christmas
  7. Volunteer at a senior’s home
  8. Become an organ donor
  9. Clean up the neighborhood
  10. Donate to charities and causes


Whether big or small, a good deed goes a long way, however, it shouldn’t be only done at Christmas time. Continue to give back to your community throughout the year as people will always be in need. Let us know how you like to give back to your community!


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