Stock vs. custom cabinets

Stock vs. custom cabinets

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If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to guess you have approached the stage in your renovation where you must address the cabinet situation. If you have been in any kitchen or bathroom, you know the importance that cabinets have in making the space what you want it to be. The wrong choice in cabinets can result in a room feeling off and uncomfortable. The stress I’m putting on this decision is not meant to scare you. Instead, I’m going to let you know that you have many options to choose from, more specifically between custom and stock options. The likelihood of you making the wrong decision is low, especially when you have a designer who is experienced in making these decisions.


There is no denying the value that comes with choosing custom cabinets for your home. They will be turn out exactly how you plan, and you’ll know you can have faith in their quality. At the same time, it’s also expensive to go down the custom route. It requires starting from scratch, versus going to a mass market such as IKEA and saving a few bucks. Stock cabinets may not be exactly what you want, but they are more cost-efficient. There are pros and cons to going either way, making it a difficult decision to make. Let’s look at these differences more closely.


Custom cabinets

Have you ever looked for a specific item that you believe exists, but seems impossible to find? Yeah, there are items that are close to what you want, but not exactly. With custom cabinets, you could design exactly what you imagine for your kitchen or bathroom. You have the control to choose the quality of material, the design, and the size. However, with that freedom comes a price. As I said previously, custom cabinets mean you must start from step one. This requires hiring a designer of whom you pay for their time to draw out some plans and then the physical production of each one; that work does not come cheap. Yet in the long run, you can trust that your space is filled with quality cabinets that will last you years.


Stock cabinets

Purchasing stock cabinets can be easy. Places like IKEA have many options to choose from, between style, colour and even handles. IT makes it easier to imagine what the room will look like when you already see the physical item there. Whereas with custom cabinets, you don’t truly know how it will look in the end before it’s too late. Another bonus with stock cabinets is that being a mass-produced product, they are often cheaper. At the same time, you can’t guarantee their quality as the factories creating the cabinets are using cheap material.


There are pros and cons between going down the custom route or the stock route. When the decision becomes really tough, look at your budget and determine whether cabinets is the area you want to be spending more money in.

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