Spirit of tradition

Spirit of tradition

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All families have their traditions, big or small, which they carry out every year and that have become Christmas symbols. For me, the feeling in the air when the Christmas decorations come out always brings joy to my heart.


The act of decorating

Since I was a kid, decorations were the biggest sign that Christmas was around the corner. The tree would come up, and my siblings and I would spend hours decorating it. We were always so proud of our handy work when we went to bed, but little did we know, my mom would stay up for hours rearranging everything. I guess the tree looked funny with hundreds of ornaments at the base and nothing up top. While some like to have colour coordination on the tree, there is truly no rhyme nor reason to ours, which is mainly due to our celebration of Sinterklaas.



Handmade out of an egg.

One of the many reasons being Dutch is awesome, is that my grandparents passed down the tradition of participating in Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas). For those who don’t know, this is when all the children get the chance to open a present on December 5th, before Christmas gets here. Each year, my grandparents send us our Sinterklaas gifts, which was always a chocolate letter and either a unique or a handmade ornament to hang on the tree.


Winter wonderland village

Over the years, my mom started building a tiny village on our dining room table.  Every year it would grow bigger and better with every addition she made. The village has always been my favourite decoration. In my opinion, Christmas decorating was not complete until my mom put the village out. Simply talking about it doesn’t do the village justice, so I asked my mom to decorate this one time before her birthday. If we ever decorated too early, it would take away from my mom’s birthday, so it is an honour that I get to capture and share this quaint community with the world.

















P.S. It’s not Christmas unless there is a blanket of white on everything outside. If there is a light snowfall on the day of Christmas, I’ll be ecstatic.

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