Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas

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Our final Christmas blog is a sequel to the first one with one small difference. Instead of me talking about my personal Christmas, I will talk about the different ways people choose to celebrate the holidays. It’s what makes Christmas special to them, and without it, it would not be complete.

Night before Christmas

A common theme amongst many people is to open one present the eve before Christmas, followed by their family’s traditional Christmas movie. For some, it’s opening the present that they know contains pajamas and then watching A Christmas Story. For others, it’s a gift exchange with their sister and a reading of The Night Before Christmas. No matter what gift they open or which movie they watch, it’s important to make the evening before Christmas special.

Christmas food

Besides Thanksgiving, Christmas is the season where there is an abundance of food, whether baked goods or home-cooked meals, homes are filled with delicious aromas. It’s the precious moment you share with your grandma while you bake this year’s apple cinnamon buns. Some people love Christmas for the potluck dinners where everyone brings a dish, while a few of those who can’t cook bring the wine.

Winter activities

For the active families out there, getting up to the mountains or out to the nearest skating rink is what makes Christmas real. Those rosy cheeks are a sign of a true Christmas experience. Living in Alberta it is perfect for that since the mountains are less than an hour away and there are skating rinks scattered throughout the city.

Believing the magic

Whether you believe in him or not, Santa Clause has always been connected to the Christmas season. The magic he brings to little one’s eyes is enough to bring joy to their parent’s, motivating them to continue each year feeding that fantasy. Some parents will go all out with creating evidence that Santa was there, simply because it brings back the childhood magic they felt when they were young.


Many like to stay in their hometown for the Christmas season, while others prefer to escape it. Either it’s the only time which their children have off from school or simply the love for traveling, getting away becomes the family Christmas tradition. Some fly up to Disneyland and go on a cruise while others find warm sandy beaches to relax on.


Most importantly, it’s the time you get to spend with your family. To go home for Christmas or have all your children gathered under one roof is the essence of Christmas to many people. Being surrounded by your loved ones is what each activity above was about. It’s at the heart of every tradition, which is why it’s the most important one.


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