Snow is gone, now what?

Snow is gone, now what?

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Not only has it stopped snowing, but Calgary has seen an increase in both temperatures and general public mood. Last week there were piles of snow on our lawns, but the green grass has started to show. Thank goodness spring has decided to show itself before the month of May arrived.

However, there are still mounds of snow next to some buildings that don’t allow the sun’s rays to touch its icy surface. Even if there isn’t much snow anymore, homeowners should be aware of the things that need to be done as the snow melts away.


“There’s still a lot of snow around my home” 

If you still have a large amount of snow hanging around your home, you should consider moving the piles to areas where the sun can reach. Even spreading the snow out so that the sun can touch more of its surface will help it melt faster.


Move it away from your home 

Be careful with the snow that is piled up along the side of your house. Consider moving it away from the foundation to avoid it melting and seeping into your basement. If you are worried about flooding, you may also want to consider putting bags of sand along the outside of your home.


Are your downspouts down and clean?

With the increased amount of rain we have seen, make sure your eavestroughs are down and directing water away from your home. In addition, make sure those drains are clean, especially if you have trees near your house! You would be surprised at the amount of debris that gets stuck up there.


Planting trees; a long-term solution 

If flooding is a constant concern with your home, then look into planting a tree in your yard. Not only does it give you privacy, but it will also soak up the melting snow. Calgary can get some hot weather in the summer, so finding ways to cool down your home are beneficial. As the tree grows, it will shield your home from the sun’s heat, making it a cooler place to be.


If you have any other tips or questions about preparing your home for spring, please comment below!


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