One building, so many activities

One building, so many activities

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Earlier in 2018, there was a new addition in the northwest part of Calgary that has greatly enhanced the Rocky Ridge area. It’s a place that brings friends and families together to be active and grow both physically and mentally. This new addition is the Shane Homes YMCA! It offers a lot to the Rocky Ridge residents, not just the activities you would find st s leisure center. It offers:

A view

First and foremost, the location of the new YMCA in Calgary is absolutely stunning. The viewer can see the beautiful cityscape of Calgary, and then slowly shift their focus and be able to see the gorgeous mountains in the distance. For those who can appreciate both nature’s beauty and that which is made by man, they’d be sure to enjoy the view found here.

Tailored needs

The Shane Homes YMCA was built with an understanding of the surrounding communities needs. For those who don’t know the purpose of YMCA facilities, it was started with an understanding that health and wellness were crucial to the strength of a community.

Artistic structure

The new Shane Homes YMCA was built with inspiration from the land surrounding it. The rolling hills and golden prairies are reflected in the structure’s gleaming materials and unique design.


There are many activities and service available to visitors. The new building offers a wave and lane pool, both a hockey and leisure ice rink and a fitness center for no matter what area you wish to workout. In addition, YMCA offers a medical clinic, childcare, theatre and rooms for arts and crafting.


Not only does the Shane Homes YMCA fulfill the needs of the surrounding community, but it also reflects the values the community has. It reflects the importance of family and friends. The importance of supporting one another in improving each other’s physical and mental health.

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