Living in Sunnyside

Living in Sunnyside

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How can you not love living in a community that is called Sunnyside? With the Bow River flowing along its edge, the Sunnyside community wraps around Prince’s Island Park, making it an active area for those who enjoy being near the water. Combined with their neighboring community, Hillhurst, the two areas create the popular shopping community of Kensington. It is a lovely mix of old, authentic buildings and new, trendy businesses. Dwellers don’t feel a need to go anywhere else in Calgary as their special community already has everything they need.


Location, location, location

As one of the oldest communities in Calgary, Sunnyside has a certain vibe that is difficult to recreate in newer neighborhoods. A popular community for urban professionals and small families, Sunnyside has the benefits that come with living in a quiet community and being in close proximity to the activities of downtown.


Easy traveling

Living so close to downtown makes transportation easier, as everything is at your fingertips. Either you bike or board to closer amenities, or you can hop on to a bus and be taken to where you need to be. Even if you needed to go to the far outskirts of Calgary, the city has developed LRT routes to get you there.


Community is key

Over the many years of development, and the many events the communities have had to get through, Sunnyside and Hillhurst have created a strong connection to the importance of community. As a result, Sunnyside residents have the opportunity to attend many events hosted by the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association.


What to do

Sunnyside offers a lot of enjoyable activities to those near the community. With multiple bars and restaurants located throughout, meeting up with friends is an easy feat to accomplish. Majority of the merchandise stores are locally owned and give buyers the pride in knowing they are supporting local. Let’s not forget to mention the Plaza Theatre, which is stationed in a historic building and specifically shows films that aren’t quite popular but still entertaining to watch!


If you ever find yourself in the Kensington community, go do some exploring and become immersed in the history of it.

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