Live the lake life

Live the lake life

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Just for a moment, imagine you are living in your dream home. It’s everything you have wanted from a home, spacious and beautiful, while being situated right next to a lake. There would never be a need to go on vacation because your home is a vacation. Let’s play with this dream a bit longer. What kind of life would the lake life be?


  1. Happy children

In a perfect world, your children would be outside constantly, burning off energy and making lifelong friends. Instead of struggling to get them off the gaming console, you would be struggling to get them in for dinner. Not to mention the fact they might actually sleep through the night, meaning you get to sleep too.


  1. Connecting with the community

Lake communities are amazing for keeping everyone in the loop on current events and situations. You can give your input and share your concerns when you know it will affect your life. Not to mention the fact that you have access to social events that both you and your family can enjoy.


  1. Developing life skills

Living near a lake, especially one that is well maintained provides you with opportunities to pursue hobbies and develop skills with your family. Teach your son and daughter how to bait a line and go fishing, or encourage a passion for kayaking and paddle boarding. Not only are these opportunities to teach life skills, but you are showing the value of family time.


  1. Healthy living

All the activities available to those who live near a lake encourage a lifestyle that is far more active, therefore healthier. Typically, there would be tennis and basketball courts near the lake, making being active more possible.


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The thing is, this dream is not an unachievable one for Calgary dwellers. We’ve just listed a home that has the lake of Midnapore in its backyard, where all these qualities are possible. If you are looking for a new home, check out our newest listing in the southern Calgary community.

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