How to tastefully achieve an eclectic style

How to tastefully achieve an eclectic style

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You are vibrant, open-minded and energetic. Your home should reflect that, but what style speaks to your personality? If you have a difficult time choosing a style that suits you because you love a little bit of everything, then an eclectic style is likely best for you. It gives you the freedom to work with any design and mash them together to be something unique, just like yourself. Now that we have decided that, your biggest problem will be staying within the lines of the wild eclectic designer!


Colour palette 

Be free with your wall colour choices! The only restriction is to use white to keep the colours together. White will bring some sense and peace to the world you are creating. If you want to have bright blue or green walls, go for it. If nude colours are more your preference, that works too.


Be consistent with décor

Designing an eclectic home is not based purely on colour. Don’t be scared to choose pieces from other styles when decorating your home. However, do try keeping the colours similar to the colours on your walls. While having an eclectic design is known for enjoying every style out there, try to stay consistent and tasteful with how you choose to decorate in each room. Maybe try sticking to three styles per room? With one style that is present throughout the whole home?


Variety in texture

Whether you chose to be simple or extravagant, having a variety of textures in your home is how you can really get the eclectic style throughout. Don’t be shy of the natural bricks featured in your home mixed in with your dark oak table and metal chairs. They look awesome together.


Patterns trump solids!

If you’re thinking of having an accent wall, or ceiling, consider one with a pattern. Whether it’s a striped pattern or a floral one, eclectic is the one style where you’re free to be fun and creative. Make sure you know your accent wall pattern before you choose to start decorating, it influences the styles you choose for the room.


Take time and consider

Don’t rush when you’re trying to achieve an eclectic style. If you go too fast, you don’t have time to consider whether everything is coming together tastefully. What you hoped would be fun and exciting can quickly become a train wreck. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just means you must see the full picture as you go.

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