Community profile: Lincoln Park

Community profile: Lincoln Park

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Every now and then, we like to introduce neighbourhoods within Calgary that often go over-looked and deserve some time in the spotlight. This week we wanted to share the beauty of Lincoln Park, located in southwest Calgary, near Crowchild Trail. Not only does this community have rich historical roots, but it also hosts youth and innovation. This mix creates an exciting community to live in.

What’s near Lincoln Park?

  • Mount Royal University
  • The Military Museums
  • Grey Eagle Casino
  • Glamorgan Bakery
  • North Glenmore Park
  • Currie Barracks

What is the history behind it?

A large part of Lincoln Park’s land was used as a camp by the Canadian and American militaries during the second world war. Although many of the historical buildings are gone, a few still remain, like Curry Barracks; while the rest are remembered at the Military Museums. The tracks that were previously used for landing aircraft were later used as racetracks in the 1980s.

Who will I find living in this area?

According to a 2014 census, the majority of the people living in Lincoln Park are within the age range of 20-34. In addition, there are not many families living in this area, so we know it’s essentially a community for both young adults in university and those who are building their careers. Additionally, Lincoln Park prides itself on having a few retirement homes, making the community peaceful and comfortable for everyone.

What kind of housing can I expect to find?

The housing found in Lincoln Park is much like the crowd it attracts; young and modern, but also wise and traditional. Not only will you find quaint townhouses, but also contemporary apartments. The majority of the housing in Lincoln Park is apartments and townhouses, but you can also find some duplexes.



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