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Top 10 things to do before renovating

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Alright, you’ve moved into a new place and you’re excited to give it your special touch. Make it yours! Or maybe it’s time for a change. Either way, you have an exciting project on your hands and can’t wait to get started. We’re here to help you out! However, before you go grabbing that hammer and knocking walls down, consider our list of the top 10 things you need to do before you renovate.
1. What do you want?
Seems like an easy question to answer, but you should seriously think about what it is you want from a renovation. Make a list of the aspects of your home that do not work for you. Be specific. Prioritize that list. What are the “must haves” and what can you let go of?
2. Imagine it all!
This is the exciting part; you can lay down all your ideas and get creative. Instead of focusing on what your house needs, you get to focus on colours and styles and how it will create the atmosphere you want in each room. At the same time, be realistic and open-minded. There will be designs you can’t replicate because of your budget.
3. Do your research
Renovations always land up being pricey, so get quotes from various contractors. Along the way, you might discover that one of your renovation ideas is more expensive than anticipated. You might have to consider an alternate plan.
4. To DIY or not to DIY
Know when a task is something you can do yourself and when it’s something that should be left to the professionals. Cutting corners and finishing something you don’t know how to do may cost you the time and money. In the long run, contractors will benefit you because they know what they are doing.

5. Assess your budget
Talk to your neighbours and friends about their experience renovating. You will likely discover that across the board, they all spent more than they expected. Although it may be an exciting project to increase the worth of your property, it does cost money. Assess your budget and stick to it.
6. Understand the timing
Contractors will give you the best-case scenario in regards to how long a project will take. In other words, expect your project to take much longer than what you were told. Something will likely come up that sets you back. Be prepared for that.
7. Are there any by-laws or rules?
This may be the seventh rule on our list, but it’s an important one. Being aware of the necessary permits needed for your renovation will save you time and money. You’ll have the comfort of knowing it was done right because you were held to a certain set of standards.
8. What’s behind that wall?
Get to know your house on a deeper level, like what’s in those walls? What may seem like a room separator with no real purpose may contain wiring, water pipes or gas lines. Smashing through one of those can cost you and only extend the time it takes to complete your project!

9. Stop, pause and reflect
You’ve done your research, gotten numbers back and have a solid plan of what you want to do. Re-evaluate how it all effects your budget and how much time you will need to dedicate to your project. Are there plans you need to give up now that things are a little clearer?
10. Pare down, pack up
Before you let workers in to take things apart, separate your essentials from those you can go without for a short time. While you don’t need your blender and cake pan, you do need your utensils and plates. Make sure the essentials are easily accessible to you while the rest is packed up and stored away.



McKenzie Lake Home Renovation

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The renovations are complete and the house is on the market!  This home has been completely renovated, from the windows, flooring, ceilings, plumbing, light fixtures and appliances.  These beautiful upgrades means this home is move in ready!

The main floor is sure to please with a huge living room overlooking the private front porch, beautiful dining room with walk through to a drop dead gorgeous custom kitchen overlooking the backyard. The family room has a fireplace & built-ins with French doors leading to a large deck and west facing backyard. Upstairs there are 4 large bedrooms including the master retreat with walk-in closet & magazine worthy ensuite.

This home is steps to pathway that leads to a school.  Take a short walk to the lake or to Fish Creek Park.  You truly are in the heart of one of Calgary’s best neighbourhoods!

McKenzie Lake is the spot for raising a family. There isn’t a high turnover rate for houses so those that move there tend to stay there. It is a family community, one that fosters connection and community to those that live there.

McKenzie Lake has grown into an active area.  The McKenzie Lake Community Association (MLCA) offers everything from before and after school care to yoga and basketball classes.  The McKenzie Lake Residents Association (MLRA) offers community programs such as Pilates, Zumba and sport-ball program.  The MLRA also hosts fun events such as the Father’s Day Fishing Derby and Family Fun Day.

Lake Side Living
Living near a lake provides opportunities to pursue hobbies and to spend quality time with your family. Teach your son and daughter how to bait a line and go fishing, or encourage a passion for kayaking and paddle boarding.  All the activities available to those who live near a lake encourage a lifestyle that is active and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for a new home, this is the one!

From new appliances to custom cabinets, this kitchen is sure to please!

The perfect dining room for dinner parties!

Family room perfect for entertaining or relaxing with a cozy fire on those cold winter nights.

Enjoy the natural light in this front room!

Unwind and relax in this gorgeous bathtub.

The Master bedroom complete with ensuite and walk in closets.

Walk through the front door and admire your new home!


Living in Sunnyside

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How can you not love living in a community that is called Sunnyside? With the Bow River flowing along its edge, the Sunnyside community wraps around Prince’s Island Park, making it an active area for those who enjoy being near the water. Combined with their neighboring community, Hillhurst, the two areas create the popular shopping community of Kensington. It is a lovely mix of old, authentic buildings and new, trendy businesses. Dwellers don’t feel a need to go anywhere else in Calgary as their special community already has everything they need.


Location, location, location

As one of the oldest communities in Calgary, Sunnyside has a certain vibe that is difficult to recreate in newer neighborhoods. A popular community for urban professionals and small families, Sunnyside has the benefits that come with living in a quiet community and being in close proximity to the activities of downtown.


Easy traveling

Living so close to downtown makes transportation easier, as everything is at your fingertips. Either you bike or board to closer amenities, or you can hop on to a bus and be taken to where you need to be. Even if you needed to go to the far outskirts of Calgary, the city has developed LRT routes to get you there.


Community is key

Over the many years of development, and the many events the communities have had to get through, Sunnyside and Hillhurst have created a strong connection to the importance of community. As a result, Sunnyside residents have the opportunity to attend many events hosted by the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association.


What to do

Sunnyside offers a lot of enjoyable activities to those near the community. With multiple bars and restaurants located throughout, meeting up with friends is an easy feat to accomplish. Majority of the merchandise stores are locally owned and give buyers the pride in knowing they are supporting local. Let’s not forget to mention the Plaza Theatre, which is stationed in a historic building and specifically shows films that aren’t quite popular but still entertaining to watch!


If you ever find yourself in the Kensington community, go do some exploring and become immersed in the history of it.

Back to school prep

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For some, time for back to school is sad news, while for others it can be a relief. Either way, the facts don’t change. School is right around the corner and it’s time to prepare. This gives you no time to get a last vacation in for the long weekend unless you prepare for school in advance. We did some research to see how you can make this transition easier on you and your kids. Here’s what we found:


Small tasks

Throughout the summer, your kids have gotten accustomed to the freedom of getting distracted by whatever they come across. Help by assigning them to small tasks that require at least 15 minutes of attention. This allows them to work their concentration and make the coming homework assignments easier to accomplish.


School supplies

Schools provide you with a list of items your children will need for the upcoming year. Before the long weekend comes around, do an inventory on what you have and get what you need. Bring the kids along with you. Getting something new is exciting and will likely get them looking forward to the first day. Make sure they don’t get to play with the new supplies until school starts. This will build up anticipation ad excitement for the first day.


Be excited!

Even if you are not looking forward to it, you need to pretend to be excited for the first day of school in front of your little ones. Studies have shown that children have an easier time transitioning to the school routine when they look forward to going, which is greatly influenced by the way parents view the first day.


Sleep routine

While you may have been flexible with their bedtimes during the summer, it’s time to get your children back into routine. Children need between 10-12 hours of sleep a night to get through a busy school day. The school year always brings stricter bedtimes, so you might as well start getting your little ones used to the idea.


Loving goodbyes and attentive hellos

School can be scary and hard. Make sure you give your kids a loving goodbye before they leave, letting them know that they are loved and have a safe place to come back to. This helps them start their day off right each morning. Just as importantly, is being on time to pick them up and give each one of your kids undivided attention when they tell you about their day.






What makes a home a “midcentury modern home”?

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A strong yet simple style that has been popular since its birth is the midcentury style. Today, we add our modern lifestyle to it while maintaining our hold on the timeless beauty of the midcentury design. With simple and clean lines used throughout the architecture and the accessorizing of the building, there are a few other key components to achieving a midcentury modern home.


Color Palette

As with every style, there are colours that speak more to certain styles. With the midcentury modern home, it’s the colour combinations that are important. If one chooses to use furniture as a way to carry out the colour schemes, then the furniture also needs to speak to the midcentury modern style, which is seamless and simple. The colour combinations are as follows:


  • pink and brown
  • orange and brown
  • chartreuse and grey
  • teal, brown and white
  • wood and white


Open concept

The midcentury homes of the past needed to learn how to work with small spaces. The way they accomplished this was by creating an open concept, making the kitchen, dining and living room all flow beautifully together while remaining one-room Today’s midcentury modern homes achieve the same effect, only with larger rooms.


Connect the outside with the inside

A key component of a midcentury modern home is the flawless connection between the outside and the inside. This is achieved through the architectural design of glass walls. A person could be sitting inside and feel that they are outside purely because of the unobstructed view of the outside.


Open yet private

While it has been made clear that an open concept living space, from the way the rooms connect to each other to how they connect with the outside, is essential to the midcentury style, an element of privacy is also necessary. Understanding there was limited space required architects to utilize every square inch, but they ensured there were adequate walls surrounding the perimeter of the home to create privacy from the public and neighbors.


Purposeful decorating without the clutter

Every element you place out has a purpose, nothing is done arbitrarily. You are placing them out with the intent that they would be seen. However, there is no over decorating, meaning that no item should be taking away from the presence of something else. They all balance one another out and create a perfect harmony.


If one follows these simple yet necessary factors to their home, they will be able to achieve a midcentury-style home. As in everything, there is always more that can be said about achieving this style, but these components are necessary for the home to be considered a midcentury modern home.

So, you want a contemporary home

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You love the clean and sleek look of your friend’s contemporary home. To you, it’s everything you dreamed of having. The natural light is filtering in, creating a warm and familiar vibe while the lack of unnecessary objects make the room feel uncluttered. It’s peaceful. This would be exactly how you would redecorate your home, so why don’t you? Here are some of the essentials to achieving your own contemporary home.


Lines are the key

First and foremost, a contemporary design is established around straight vertical and horizontal lines. The edginess of them creates the strong and clean appearance that contemporary décor is loved so much for. However, you want to create some balance so don’t be afraid to implement a few circular objects throughout the job; just keep them to a minimum.


A neutral color palette

Be inspired by the rock bed of your favourite river. Notice the neutral, yet beautiful, colours that come from the stones? A contemporary colour palette can be anything neutral, which doesn’t narrow down your options. Instead, if you love that grey stone with the slightest hint of purple in it, let that be your guide.


No clutter requires more space

You admire the contemporary design because it enforces a lack of clutter. To achieve that enforcement, you need to create large and open spaces. Open spaces create the opportunity to bring attention to large art or furniture. Something that other designs are not capable of doing.


Bulky yet simple

Contemporary designs are perfect for those who dislike clutter. Decorating a room requires few objects, they need only to be large and simple.


Make it shiny

While it is necessary to have matte-like finishes throughout your home, a key design aspect for contemporary homes is to have plenty of shiny surfaces. A matte finish will help balance the look.


Solid flooring; solid foundation

Have you ever walked into a room and felt that it was the safest place to be? The ground beneath you is solid and is capable of withstanding anything. A contemporary home is made strong not only by its solid lines, but also by its hard flooring.

Giving your home a bohemian look

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As in all home-style choices, you should make sure the design reflects the inhabitant of the home; you. A bohemian styled home is for the free-spirited and artistic. It represents the people who are original and dream of traveling. Now, while this look may be easy to achieve, there are some staple items you need to accomplish the bohemian look.


Start with the basics

Before anything else, starting with the basics is necessary to get that bohemian style. When I say to start with the basics, I mean start with the neutral colours and simple furniture. Keep the colours light and clean. Not only does this provide you with a strong foundation for future decorating, but it also keeps you from over decorating. Overdecorating can cause your home to feel chaotic.


Art on the ground

An essential bohemian decoration is the area rug. It brings focus to a room and the feeling of having traveled. You have the option of going with a neutral rug or a patterned one, but the typical bohemian style is to go with both rugs! Overlapping them brings personality to the room.


Be different

Showcase the inner spirit that loves to be different by keeping your décor unique. Of course, you want to make sure that the pieces make sense with each other, but you also want to make sure every single item is distinct. This will showcase that free spirit you love so much.


Patterns and texture galore

To have the bohemian look, you cannot be shy of patterns or texture. The more you have, the more likely you will achieve that desired look. With the bohemian style, there shouldn’t be just one item that stands out. Instead, they all work together to tell the world who you are.


Embrace the past

When looking for patterns and textures to decorate your home, look for vintage items. Vintage accentuates that traveling spirit you have while also taking advantage of what others might consider garbage. It’s your opportunity to show the beauty in everything.


Let art be free

While many styles require structure when placing art around the home, the bohemian style allows you to be completely free. Find work that speaks to you and reflects what you love. When displaying them, place the artwork wherever you want. Disobey all the rules you’ve been told about hanging artwork and do what feels natural in each room.


A green space

If you enjoy the bohemian style, you likely love plants. They bring the natural beauty of the outside world into your home while inspiring you to travel. Plants have a natural ability to bring peace and tranquility to a room, which fits very well with the free spirit of a bohemian individual.

How to tastefully achieve an eclectic style

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You are vibrant, open-minded and energetic. Your home should reflect that, but what style speaks to your personality? If you have a difficult time choosing a style that suits you because you love a little bit of everything, then an eclectic style is likely best for you. It gives you the freedom to work with any design and mash them together to be something unique, just like yourself. Now that we have decided that, your biggest problem will be staying within the lines of the wild eclectic designer!


Colour palette 

Be free with your wall colour choices! The only restriction is to use white to keep the colours together. White will bring some sense and peace to the world you are creating. If you want to have bright blue or green walls, go for it. If nude colours are more your preference, that works too.


Be consistent with décor

Designing an eclectic home is not based purely on colour. Don’t be scared to choose pieces from other styles when decorating your home. However, do try keeping the colours similar to the colours on your walls. While having an eclectic design is known for enjoying every style out there, try to stay consistent and tasteful with how you choose to decorate in each room. Maybe try sticking to three styles per room? With one style that is present throughout the whole home?


Variety in texture

Whether you chose to be simple or extravagant, having a variety of textures in your home is how you can really get the eclectic style throughout. Don’t be shy of the natural bricks featured in your home mixed in with your dark oak table and metal chairs. They look awesome together.


Patterns trump solids!

If you’re thinking of having an accent wall, or ceiling, consider one with a pattern. Whether it’s a striped pattern or a floral one, eclectic is the one style where you’re free to be fun and creative. Make sure you know your accent wall pattern before you choose to start decorating, it influences the styles you choose for the room.


Take time and consider

Don’t rush when you’re trying to achieve an eclectic style. If you go too fast, you don’t have time to consider whether everything is coming together tastefully. What you hoped would be fun and exciting can quickly become a train wreck. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible, just means you must see the full picture as you go.

How to get your dream patio for cheap

Everyone loves the sunny weather. Even if a warm breeze is present, spirits are lifted when the sun rises and remains in a clear blue sky. We are naturally drawn to be outside and enjoy those days of warmth, but when you have nowhere to sit or hang out, enjoying these moments becomes difficult. While having a patio isn’t the most necessary feature of a home, it is definitely a bonus. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. People tend to avoid enhancing their patio because there is a misconception that it would break the bank. A little Pinterest and Houzz browsing showed me otherwise. Patio life is possible!


Pallets with potential

Pallets are typically easy to come by. Go to department stores or on Kijiji and it is easy to find one. These wooden frames give you so much potential to create something unique out of your yard. Whether it be a deck or creating a lounging area with outdoor pillows. Find more ideas on Pinterest and you’ll be surprised with what you can do.


Have a deck? Refurbish it!

If you already have a deck but you feel it’s a bit drab, think of ways you can enhance it. Maybe it’s as simple as staining it or you can paint a checkered pattern on it. Either way, you’ll land up with a new deck and great outdoor space.


Add some colour and greenery

Sometimes all your patio needs is a little life. Go to your local grocery store and buy some potted flowers and strategically place them around your patio. It is such an easy fix that adds so much to the vibes of your outdoor area.


Inspire yourself

Do you even know how often people are trying to clear up storage space by giving away bricks and sand for free on Kijiji? There is so much you can do with those materials, so find out what is out there and throw that in your Pinterest search bar. If you see red bricks for free on Kijiji, go to Pinterest and search “red brick patio furniture”. Oh look, you can make a firepit.


Make your own hammock

You don’t have to go buy those expensive hammocks just so you can swing in your backyard. If you’re anything like me, I love crafting, especially when I know it’s going to become something I use! There are many ways to create your own, some more intricate and difficult than others, but all doable.


Go make your dream patio. You know it’s possible.

Creating a modern farmhouse style

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Last week, we talked about how to give your home that rustic vibe with a few simple suggestions. It brings in the natural environment of the outdoors into your home. For some, that style is perfect, but for others, it doesn’t quite resonate with them. Some like that rustic feeling where that welcomes the outdoors, but it just didn’t feel warm. If this is how you feel about a rustic style, consider a farmhouse style. If your house already has a modern design to it, adding a hint of farmhouse would bring in that warm and pleasant vibe you’re searching for; here is how.



A quilt can do wonders for you. Typically, they are used for added warmth on your bed, but they can be placed on the wall or folded on a chair as a throw blanket. Try to find a quilt that had a modern pattern. The farmhouse vibe can come from the bed frame you purchase.



Stay away from those fluffy or furry pillows. If you want a touch of farmhouse in your home, you need to go for the simple and humble materials, such as a grain-sack.


Art and accessories

It would make sense that the artistic elements you place throughout your home should be relevant to farm life. Farm sceneries, with the rolling hills and picturesque barn in the background are easy to find and beautiful when hung. For accessories, you could use wooden wheels or horse statues to bring that farm-life style alive.


Picnic table

My favourite stylizer for a modern farmhouse home is a picnic table with benches. It brings home the feeling of family and togetherness, while being a unique feature of your home in comparison to others.



If you ever come across antique furniture, think about how you could refurbish it to work with your home. Not only would it be a fun project, but it adds class and originality to your home. This could include wooden cabinets, chairs, side tables and more; keep your eye out.


Woodgrain doors

Let the occasional door in your home be solid wood, or at least imitate the woodgrain appearance. While clean, non-patterned doors provide a modern vibe, the wooden door will get you that farmhouse feel.


Keep an eye out for our next listing in Mount Robson! If this style was something you connected with, our listing has all the features necessary to follow suit. With a freestanding tub and the open flow of the main floor, the possibilities of creating a farmhouse vibe are endless.