4 mistakes to avoid when downsizing: Senior edition

Posted by Serena Heerema // April 18, 2018

When I worked for a downsizing company, I learned a lot about the best practices to use when working through the downsizing process. The first step was always to ensure that the new home was already purchased and accessible. This meant that before you even began going through your belongings, you need to know where […]

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Tips for downsizing: Senior edition

Posted by Serena Heerema // April 11, 2018

There can be a lot of stress involved with moving into a new home, especially if the move involves downsizing. For seniors, downsizing is a reality they must face once the decision has been made that they no longer need their large estate. The following tips can be used for any moving situation, however, for […]

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A Time for Change -Downsizing for Seniors

Posted by Karen Ingram-Johnson // April 4, 2018

Spring is hopefully right around the corner and with that brings a fresh start and new beginnings. For seniors, that might mean making the move from the family home to a smaller living space. Life is a journey and transitions are life’s crossroads. Couples buy the big house when they start their families and fill […]

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Stock vs. custom cabinets

Posted by Serena Heerema // March 28, 2018

If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to guess you have approached the stage in your renovation where you must address the cabinet situation. If you have been in any kitchen or bathroom, you know the importance that cabinets have in making the space what you want it to be. The wrong choice in cabinets […]

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Respect your neighbours!

Posted by Serena Heerema // March 14, 2018

You may be lucky and have space between you and your neighbour’s house, but never forget that sound travels. It doesn’t matter whether you are renovating your small apartment or your mansion, whether it’s the whole house or just the guest bathroom, you want to ensure you’re respecting your neighbours. There are certain unspoken rules […]

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Booking the trades

Posted by Serena Heerema // March 7, 2018

Unless you have experience with renovating, you likely don’t know which trade to book before the other. The basics, such as hiring a demolition team before booking painters, are obvious. However, knowing whether to book the finisher before the painter may not be as clear. Even knowing whether to start with a designer versus a […]

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What’s Behind that Wall?

Posted by Karen Ingram-Johnson // February 28, 2018

Expect the unexpected!  As with any home renovation, there are bound to be things that don’t go according to plan. These often unpleasant surprises can result in having to change your initial plans and spending more money and time.   This renovation was no different! Let’s start with the kitchen.  Initially, we wanted to remove the wall […]

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McKenzie Lake: product picking

Posted by Serena Heerema // February 21, 2018

Product picking is personally what I think is the best stage when renovating. Or at least the most exciting stage. By picking products, you are giving others sight to what you’ve been envisioning from the beginning. If you’re like me, you’d be the type of person who could spend hours in a store looking at […]

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Tips for demoing

Posted by Serena Heerema // February 14, 2018

  Since we were able to demo our McKenzie Lake project ourselves, we gathered some tips and tricks for our followers. With trial and error, we learned how to save money and time throughout the whole demo process. Before you take on your own project, read through this blog to save yourself some headaches.   […]

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Before we renovate…

Posted by Serena Heerema // February 7, 2018

When you get your hands on a new project, it can be hard to hold yourself back from knocking cupboards down and ripping out baseboards. That’s how we felt with the McKenzie Lake home. It’s our first project of the year and we wanted to get started! Instead, we had to make sure we went through […]

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