How to get your dream patio for cheap

Posted by Serena Heerema // July 18, 2018

Everyone loves the sunny weather. Even if a warm breeze is present, spirits are lifted when the sun rises and remains in a clear blue sky. We are naturally drawn to be outside and enjoy those days of warmth, but when you have nowhere to sit or hang out, enjoying these moments becomes difficult. While […]

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Creating a modern farmhouse style

Posted by Serena Heerema // July 11, 2018

Last week, we talked about how to give your home that rustic vibe with a few simple suggestions. It brings in the natural environment of the outdoors into your home. For some, that style is perfect, but for others, it doesn’t quite resonate with them. Some like that rustic feeling where that welcomes the outdoors, […]

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How to create a rustic feel in your home

Posted by Serena Heerema // July 4, 2018

With the Calgary Stampede right around the corner, there is a rising trend for homeowners wanting a  rustic feel in their home. Since it’s one of our favourite styles, we are happy to share ways that you can create that “county” vibe in your home. Some are bigger changes than others and therefore more costly, […]

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One building, so many activities

Posted by Serena Heerema // June 27, 2018

Earlier in 2018, there was a new addition in the northwest part of Calgary that has greatly enhanced the Rocky Ridge area. It’s a place that brings friends and families together to be active and grow both physically and mentally. This new addition is the Shane Homes YMCA! It offers a lot to the Rocky […]

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City livin’

Posted by Serena Heerema // June 20, 2018

How do I even begin to describe what it’s like to live in the city? From living close to everything, to the energetic atmosphere, to the sudden midnight hush that falls over the city, there is so much beauty I could share. Ultimately, it depends on whether you’re a city person like me. As in […]

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Live the lake life

Posted by Serena Heerema // June 13, 2018

Just for a moment, imagine you are living in your dream home. It’s everything you have wanted from a home, spacious and beautiful, while being situated right next to a lake. There would never be a need to go on vacation because your home is a vacation. Let’s play with this dream a bit longer. […]

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How to cool down your house without an AC

Posted by Serena Heerema // June 6, 2018

Calgary is a funny city to live in. One month we are dealing with fresh piles of snow and the next we are experiencing +25 degree weather that’s starting forest fires. We get three, sometimes four, short months of hot weather and although it’s welcome, it makes your home very uncomfortable. The heat gets trapped […]

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Insect repelling plants that still look pretty

Posted by Serena Heerema // May 30, 2018

There are many things to love about spring; the smells, the flowers, and the lifted spirits of those around you. However, there are always those tiny little buggers that can make an enjoyable situation annoying, especially when they leave their mark. Mosquitoes and wasps are major intruders for homes in Alberta, but there are natural […]

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Tips to spring cleaning

Posted by Serena Heerema // May 23, 2018

No matter the size of your home, spring cleaning can be a big job. It’s not your average dusting of the house, but a thorough cleaning of every room. Sometimes, this task can be daunting and be continually pushed off until you can’t ignore it anymore. We are now approaching the end of May and […]

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7 steps to improving your lawn

Posted by Serena Heerema // May 9, 2018

For some, this is your favourite time of year. For others, this is the worst. With warmer weather comes yard work. Now while there are those who don’t need encouragement to take on this task, there are those who need a little guidance to get going. Make sure your tools are ready Not only should […]

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