Back to school prep

Back to school prep

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For some, time for back to school is sad news, while for others it can be a relief. Either way, the facts don’t change. School is right around the corner and it’s time to prepare. This gives you no time to get a last vacation in for the long weekend unless you prepare for school in advance. We did some research to see how you can make this transition easier on you and your kids. Here’s what we found:


Small tasks

Throughout the summer, your kids have gotten accustomed to the freedom of getting distracted by whatever they come across. Help by assigning them to small tasks that require at least 15 minutes of attention. This allows them to work their concentration and make the coming homework assignments easier to accomplish.


School supplies

Schools provide you with a list of items your children will need for the upcoming year. Before the long weekend comes around, do an inventory on what you have and get what you need. Bring the kids along with you. Getting something new is exciting and will likely get them looking forward to the first day. Make sure they don’t get to play with the new supplies until school starts. This will build up anticipation ad excitement for the first day.


Be excited!

Even if you are not looking forward to it, you need to pretend to be excited for the first day of school in front of your little ones. Studies have shown that children have an easier time transitioning to the school routine when they look forward to going, which is greatly influenced by the way parents view the first day.


Sleep routine

While you may have been flexible with their bedtimes during the summer, it’s time to get your children back into routine. Children need between 10-12 hours of sleep a night to get through a busy school day. The school year always brings stricter bedtimes, so you might as well start getting your little ones used to the idea.


Loving goodbyes and attentive hellos

School can be scary and hard. Make sure you give your kids a loving goodbye before they leave, letting them know that they are loved and have a safe place to come back to. This helps them start their day off right each morning. Just as importantly, is being on time to pick them up and give each one of your kids undivided attention when they tell you about their day.






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