7 steps to improving your lawn

7 steps to improving your lawn

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For some, this is your favourite time of year. For others, this is the worst. With warmer weather comes yard work. Now while there are those who don’t need encouragement to take on this task, there are those who need a little guidance to get going.

  1. Make sure your tools are ready

Not only should you be taking inventory of your tools to make sure you have everything you need, but you should also ensure the blade on your mower is sharp.


  1. Trim the bushes

Make sure you do this step before raking your lawn, otherwise you’ll be creating more work for yourself. Sometimes there are small branches that grow at the base of the bush that don’t do anything other than take away nutrients from the rest of the plant. Cut those away.


  1. Rake your lawn

After all the snow has melted, you’ll notice that winter left a lot of debris on your front and backyard. The first step to improve the situation is to rake away what shouldn’t be there.


  1. Seed the patches of bare ground

As you rake, you may notice that there are patches in your lawn that look a little bare. Before you throw seed down, loosen up the soil and mix in some compost or fertilizer. This will promote the growth of new grass.


  1. Aerate your lawn

For those who don’t know what this is, you’re basically poking tiny holes into your lawn. This allows for oxygen, water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. You can water your lawn after aerating it.


  1. Pull out weeds and dead plants

Simply getting rid of weeds from your yard will improve the look and condition of it by a lot. Make sure you’re getting down to the root of the weed, otherwise it will keep growing back faster than any other plant you choose to have. Any plants you have that don’t look like they are coming back to life need to be taken out and replaced with something new.


  1. Maintenance

Now your yard is spring ready. From this point on, you should only need to water, mow and remove weeds as they appear to keep a healthy-looking yard for your home.


Take a step back and enjoy your hard work. Any additional steps to improving your yard isn’t completely necessary unless you want flowers and such Maybe next week’s blog will be able to inspire you to do more for sprucing up your home.


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