4 mistakes to avoid when downsizing: Senior edition

4 mistakes to avoid when downsizing: Senior edition

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When I worked for a downsizing company, I learned a lot about the best practices to use when working through the downsizing process. The first step was always to ensure that the new home was already purchased and accessible. This meant that before you even began going through your belongings, you need to know where they are ending up. This first step was essential a number of reasons, which will be shared in the following points.

1.  Smaller space, the same amount of stuff

Some people get so attached to their furniture and belongings, that they cannot part with them. This becomes a problem when their new home is only half the size of their previous one; they do not have the space to keep everything. Not only do excess items make the move in process longer, but they also make the home feel crammed. Go into the moving process with the mindset that how much you bring to your new home will be comparable to how much you cut down in size. If your new home is a quarter of the size of the old, then you only bring a quarter of your belongings.

2.  Don’t give up your lifestyle

When looking for your new home, think about your current lifestyle. The things that give you joy and the things you don’t plan on giving up when you move. If you like gardening, make sure your new home gives you the opportunity to garden. If you enjoy having your grandkids over, make sure you have space for them to run around. Don’t make the mistake of telling yourself you don’t need to continue with the activities you used to, or that you will find a way to make it work.

3. Buying more to make up for downsizing

This may not be a common mistake, but it is something to consider. If you are downsizing with the intent of saving money, buying all new furniture defeats that purpose. Try to keep as much furniture as you can. Before moving into your new home, measure the rooms and compare that to the furniture you plan to bring. If you have two sets of couches and only one will fit well in the new home, then you know which one your taking. You may have liked the other one more, but you need to resort to practicality. Don’t make the mistake of getting rid of good furniture only to buy more because you didn’t measure your new home.

4. Give a time limit

When you are letting your kids and grandkids go through your home, give them a date that they must make their decision. A smooth moving process is dependent on a strict schedule and giving them too much time might disrupt that process. Don’t make the mistake of wanting to see your items go to the family that you give them too much extra time and they put more stress on your moving process; tell them how much time they have, and leave it at that.

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