Giving your home a bohemian look

Giving your home a bohemian look

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As in all home-style choices, you should make sure the design reflects the inhabitant of the home; you. A bohemian styled home is for the free-spirited and artistic. It represents the people who are original and dream of traveling. Now, while this look may be easy to achieve, there are some staple items you need to accomplish the bohemian look.


Start with the basics

Before anything else, starting with the basics is necessary to get that bohemian style. When I say to start with the basics, I mean start with the neutral colours and simple furniture. Keep the colours light and clean. Not only does this provide you with a strong foundation for future decorating, but it also keeps you from over decorating. Overdecorating can cause your home to feel chaotic.


Art on the ground

An essential bohemian decoration is the area rug. It brings focus to a room and the feeling of having traveled. You have the option of going with a neutral rug or a patterned one, but the typical bohemian style is to go with both rugs! Overlapping them brings personality to the room.


Be different

Showcase the inner spirit that loves to be different by keeping your décor unique. Of course, you want to make sure that the pieces make sense with each other, but you also want to make sure every single item is distinct. This will showcase that free spirit you love so much.


Patterns and texture galore

To have the bohemian look, you cannot be shy of patterns or texture. The more you have, the more likely you will achieve that desired look. With the bohemian style, there shouldn’t be just one item that stands out. Instead, they all work together to tell the world who you are.


Embrace the past

When looking for patterns and textures to decorate your home, look for vintage items. Vintage accentuates that traveling spirit you have while also taking advantage of what others might consider garbage. It’s your opportunity to show the beauty in everything.


Let art be free

While many styles require structure when placing art around the home, the bohemian style allows you to be completely free. Find work that speaks to you and reflects what you love. When displaying them, place the artwork wherever you want. Disobey all the rules you’ve been told about hanging artwork and do what feels natural in each room.


A green space

If you enjoy the bohemian style, you likely love plants. They bring the natural beauty of the outside world into your home while inspiring you to travel. Plants have a natural ability to bring peace and tranquility to a room, which fits very well with the free spirit of a bohemian individual.

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