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Tips to spring cleaning

Posted by Serena Heerema // May 23, 2018

No matter the size of your home, spring cleaning can be a big job. It’s not your average dusting of the house, but a thorough cleaning of every room. Sometimes, this task can be daunting and be continually pushed off until you can’t ignore it anymore. We are now approaching the end of May and […]

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Gardening ideas!

Posted by Serena Heerema // May 16, 2018

I think it’s safe to say that one of the best things about spring is the moment everything starts to bloom. Suddenly there are bursts of colour everywhere. The air feels fresh and smells clean. The world has woken up from its cold winter slumber. With it comes great possibilities for creative souls; like gardening. […]

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7 steps to improving your lawn

Posted by Serena Heerema // May 9, 2018

For some, this is your favourite time of year. For others, this is the worst. With warmer weather comes yard work. Now while there are those who don’t need encouragement to take on this task, there are those who need a little guidance to get going. Make sure your tools are ready Not only should […]

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