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What makes a home a “midcentury modern home”?

Posted by Serena Heerema // August 15, 2018

A strong yet simple style that has been popular since its birth is the midcentury style. Today, we add our modern lifestyle to it while maintaining our hold on the timeless beauty of the midcentury design. With simple and clean lines used throughout the architecture and the accessorizing of the building, there are a few […]

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So, you want a contemporary home

Posted by Serena Heerema // August 8, 2018

You love the clean and sleek look of your friend’s contemporary home. To you, it’s everything you dreamed of having. The natural light is filtering in, creating a warm and familiar vibe while the lack of unnecessary objects make the room feel uncluttered. It’s peaceful. This would be exactly how you would redecorate your home, […]

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Giving your home a bohemian look

Posted by Serena Heerema // August 1, 2018

As in all home-style choices, you should make sure the design reflects the inhabitant of the home; you. A bohemian styled home is for the free-spirited and artistic. It represents the people who are original and dream of traveling. Now, while this look may be easy to achieve, there are some staple items you need […]

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